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DE BERNARDI 100 N (soft loop handle)

The new  DB SH is the latest model of a group of welding machines for the production of flexi-loop bags (SH: soft-handle). It is extremely flexible and fast. In the DB 100 SH experience is perfectly recognizable: the main body is that of the machine DB 100, a model that thanks to its versatility and reliability has had wide success all over the world. The new SH  device adopts innovative technological solutions that allow to reach a production of 150 SH bags per minute.  The new DB 100 N and the new SH device are the best answer to the increasing demand of soft-handle bags.   The DB 100 SH is extremely versatile: it can be equipped with several optional accessories that grant the production of a wide variety of plastic bags. For example, it is possible to add the RB device for reinforced handle. To satisfy customers with varied needs and obtain personalized products, the DB 100 N SH is really a winning weapon. 



Frame H complete with double inner lip folder, double continuous strip welding,

bottom gusset with frame, lateral cut.   

SH Device for soft-handle application with brushless motorization for diagonals and upper welder.   

Double roll-holder for handle.       

Welding eyelet with 4 independent controls and eflon supply.   

RB Device for reinforced handle (patch handle).         

Punching units.   

Scraps removal.

V-Board folder for work from sheet.       

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