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Machines for Flexible Packaging  

Retail - Shopping Bags - Machine 

Our new devices for Retail & Shopping Bags are the best answer to the increasing demand of soft-handle bags. Extremely versatile: it can be equipped with several optional accessories that grant the production of a wide variety of plastic bags. 

Post - Courier Bags - Machines

Mostly used by Freight companies for the secure movement of their client's documents and consignments. 

They are usually manufactured in co extruded polyethylene film, which is gray/black inside & white outside, with a flap which has a hot melt adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure.  

Diapers - Sanitary Packaging - Machine

Series of machines and accessories for the creation of sanitary packaging: nappies and diapers.Paramount type or cross handle.

Pouches - Vacuum - Barrier - Machines

Wide range of Pouch Machines for vacuum bags.
from 600 mm width up to 1300 mm.
small envelopes to large formats, achievable in 1,2,3,4 tracks.

PP Bread's Packaging - Machines

Machines for the production of Polypropylene Envelopes (also Cast BOPP) suitable for textile packaging, envelopes for bread and bakery products, envelopes with rounded bottom type Chicken Bags.

Zip - Lock Bags

High speed adjustable Zip-lock device Ultrasonic welding for perfect esthetic and secure seal Ideal for food protection and many other application. Single or double lock seal, easy to open and close High speed adjustable Zip-lock device Ultrasonic welding for perfect esthetic and secure seal.

Bubble Wrap Pluriball Envelopes

Machines for the creation of Bubble Wrap Envelopes (Pluriball) 
technology based on Impulse welders (Nickel-Chromium).
Possible to realize envelopes of various sizes from 1 Up to 8 tracks (without needles), Easy, with Zip Lock or Biadhesive.

Mail Padded Envelopes

Machines for the creation of MAIL Padded Bubble Wrap Envelopes. technology based on Impulse welders (Nickel-Chromium) and Hot Melt. Possible to realize envelopes of various sizes, stacking without needles, easy, laminated, neutral or printed in-Line.


Isothermal Bags - Machines

We were the first to produce a specific machine for deep-frozen transport -

inner PE + FOAM + external aluminum / PE

Film Converting & Slitters

Unwinding controlled by motor with inverter, automatic centering ( Edge guide ) 

Laser coil positioning 


Welders to assemble thermoplastic materials useing vibration welding, friction and ultrasonic devices. 


Special machines for the production of covers for fields and agriculture.

Folded in several layers


All our machines and our welding systems are suitable for the production of Biodegradable and Compostable materials.

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