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De Bernardi Alessandro       Converting Technology

“Proudly more than 2.400 machines sold worldwide”

Our Services

Our Servuces

Since 1955 DE BERNARDI produces machines for the creation of polyethylene and polypropylene (HDPE - LDPE) bags. The activity is carried out by the idea to design the engineering steps according to the needs of the customer, this has enabled us to differentiate ourselves in the world thanks to customization of our machines and the ability to produce different types of bags on one welding machine.


We buy from the best suppliers all major mechanical and electronic accessories to assemble our machines, this allows us to sell a high quality product, studied in detail and highly customizable. The best value for money.

Post Sales

We are the only company able to offer spare parts for machinery official De Bernardi based on original designs. We can increase the variety of bags produced on machines also longstanding integrating them with new accessories that allow the production of special bags.

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